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Parent-Lead Therapies for Special Needs

So much more gains can be made by parents who daily work with their kids rather than solely relying on once a week therapy from a professional. For my son with high-functioning autism, these resources have been crucial for him growing beyond his limitations. None of these programs have compensated me for endorsing them. They’ve just really worked for my children, and I hope they help other families, too!

The Brigance Test – The Brigance Test is a tool that I have used to access where my children are in their development. It helps to know where they are at and what their next level of learning will be. A membership with HSLDA allows parents to rent the test at a huge discount rather than buying it.

Anat Baniel Method The Neuromovement Two-Day Workshop on DVD and the Kids Beyond Limits book are helpful in teaching kids to slow down and figure out how to move their bodies in order to develop properly.

Svetlana Masgutova Method – The parent manual gives step-by-step instructions on how to help children with special needs to progress in their development. The exercises are simple, but work on a foundational level, at the child’s reflexes. Helping a child’s reflexes develop properly can help them to grow physically, cognitively, and emotionally.

Dianne Craft Child Diagnostics  – For kids ready to read or older children who may have dyslexia and/or dysgraphia, this method has helped my family. My middle daughter reversed half of the letters of the alphabet when writing them down. She obviously was not seeing the letters the way she was supposed to. The Brain Integration Therapy method of tracing the letters several times a day using a “lazy eight” helped her to discover how letters should be formed and shortly after she learned to read.

The Barton Reading and Spelling System – An excellent program for developing a child’s phonological awareness which is closely tied to reading success.

Social Thinking – When children age beyond seven, less therapies specifically target developing their social skills. Social Thinking offers books, tools, and curriculum to help meet that need.

Skill Trek – Life skills for all ages and abilities. Video courses where kids earn badges when they obtain skills like mopping the floor, dusting the house, cooking an omelet. You know, stuff they need to learn to grow up into independent adults.