Some of my earliest memories are in the library where my mother worked shelving books. Wanting to know how to decipher our mysterious language and step into other worlds between the pages, I learned to read long before I started school.

A child of the ‘80’s before technology capitalized our time and kids roamed free, I had plenty of outdoor adventures in the “boondocks” of Palm Bay, Florida. Whether spotting an endangered indigo snake in the grass or catching minnows in Turkey Creek, I preferred being barefoot and still do.


Being the oldest sister with five brothers, I took on responsibilities beyond my years in leading children. At the age of fifteen, I was chosen for a paid position in the children’s section of my local library and helped coordinate the summer program. At sixteen I taught Children’s Church.

Graduating from the University of Central Florida in communicative disorders, speech-language pathology, I was fascinated with the English language and helping children get on the right track to speaking and reading. When my son was diagnosed with autism, my knowledge of language acquisition was put to use in my own family.


A lover of the English language, I have taught in English camps on mission trips to Ukraine and Poland. I currently volunteer as an ESL teacher in my community.

After experiencing the grief of losing a child shortly after birth, I turned to writing as therapy and created the blog, www.gracegrowswing.wordpress.com. I went on to start www.kidsbooks2grow.com to help parents and educators find quality books for children to read.

My dream since the age of nine has been to write children’s books. I hope my dream will become a reality sometime soon.