For the Love of Fairy Tales|7 Kids’ Books for #ValentinesDay

This Valentine’s weekend, two little princesses and their daddy danced the night away at our church-sponsored Father Daughter Dance. To celebrate and hope in happily ever afters.

What makes a little girl want to be a princess or a boy want someone to fight for?

Fairy tales.


Thanks to fairy tales, the beauty of romance can be learned at a young age.

The noble, the gallant, the bold, and the brave all fighting for someone to save.

Our hearts long for the realization of redemption. We sigh at the happily ever afters.

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Our treasure of happily ever afters

7 Beloved Books of Fairy Tales


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I’ve kept this one since I was a girl.

1. Best Loved Fairy Tales of Walter Crane.

My first book of fairy tales given to me by my mother. Includes The Frog Prince, Little Goody Two Shoes, Beauty and the Beast, and the less familiar, The Hind in the Wood. The exquisite detail of 1930’s neoclassical illustrations beg to be traced, copied, and colored.

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2. A Book of Famous Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen.

These original versions, translated from the Danish-born Hans Christian Andersen are sometimes less black and white in their happily ever afters. That’s what I like about this antique anthology.

Color plate illustration of a fairy with delicate butterfly wings in A Book of Famous Fairy Tales

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3. The Random House Book of Fairy Tales

Truer to the original versions by the Brothers Grimm, these fairy tales contain more peril than updated retellings. At the end of Snow White, the wicked stepmother is made to wear burning hot shoes until she dances herself to the grave. In Rapunzel, the prince is blinded by thorns. Some of the tales may not be appropriate for younger children, still the charming pictures, by Diane Goode, bring out the brilliant beauty of each character.

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4. A Parable About the King

A redemption story at its best, Beth Moore created this fairy tale as a parable of life for all God’s children. Frustrated with all the work her father makes her do, a princess decides to run away. But life outside the kingdom is not what she expects it to be.

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5. The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder

Cinderella is one of my favorite fairy tale characters. Far from Disney’s version, Marissa Meyer’s Cinder is a marriage of both fantasy and sci-fi. Cinder is a futuristic cyborg who falls in love with the crown prince. The first in a series of four, you may have to read on to see if Cinder truly experiences a happily ever after.

6.  Snow and Rose

I love it when an author finds a forgotten story and breathes into it new life. This is one such fairy tale that will remain remembered thanks to author and illustrator, Emily Winfield Martin.

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7. Sleeping Beauty

The newest book by my favorite author, Cynthia Rylant, is sure to delight all ages. With words that carry a deeper, richer meaning, making it the best kind of fairy tale.

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