25+ Fun Games for Rainy Days|Stuff to Do During a Hurricane #HurricaneIrma

Hurricane Fun

What to do when a category 5 Hurricane looms off of my beloved state of Florida?

  • Make a hurricane prep kit and gather resources
  • Pray
  • Try not to worry
  • Help our home to be a place of solace for the children

That’s what we can do before a hurricane. What about during? Or after?

Living in Florida my whole, long life, I’ve been through many of these storms. Most of the time, they happen at night, and by the grace of God, we sleep through it. This past hurricane season, we had a big one come our way, Hurricane Matthew. It was a miracle, he didn’t hit landfall as predicted, but skirted by the eastern coast.

With plenty of wind and rain from the outer bands, our family cuddled up in our master bedroom with sleeping bags surrounding our bed. The air purifiers, all running, drowned out most of the howling wind. But I was the only one who didn’t get any sleep.

Because I’m the mom.

Moms are innately vigilant to protect their families. Dads are, too, but my husband’s hearing must not be as good as mine. He slept as soundly as the children!

Even though Orlando is not a coastal city, we are not exempt from getting a direct hit. Hurricane Charlie, a Category 4 Hurricane blasted through our city, blowing off shingles and felling trees. I remember the sea of blue tarps that nearly everyone, including my own family used to cover our leaky roofs.

With no electricity, I got out our Rainy Day Box and we put together puzzles, played with toys, and read books we hadn’t seen in awhile.


It helps to prepare for the worst, pray for the best and trust in the Almighty to bring us safely through whatever may happen. Worrying never changes anything, except our peace of mind.

In light of prepping, here’s some Rainy Day Fun and Games you can try with your family. My children helped me come up with this list, which brought smiles to their faces and eased their anxiety.


  •  Make a Rainy Day Box stocked with favorite puzzles, mazes, crossword puzzles, word finds, interactive “I Spy” type picture books, and little toys to play with.

  • List books you love to read aloud, and be dramatic with the dialogue. My husband does an excellent Gandolf!

  • Now is the time to play those board games that take forever, like Monopoly, Life, and Rummikub.

  • Strategy games are way more exciting when played by candlelight, like Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and Risk.

  • Have a game relay. Set up four board games. Three minutes per game, then switch.

  • Time to teach the kids to play more card games besides Go Fish, War, and Crazy Eights. Hearts, Spades, Rummy take more time and thought.

  • Chess tournaments. It helps if you have more than one chess set.

  • Cuddle under blankets and make up stories (not too scary) over the flashlight.

  • Play charades with a theme (animals, famous people, movies, songs, etc.)

  • Sing campfire songs over candlelight with everyone attempting to play a musical instrument. We’ll be breaking out our ukuleles. Drums on a turned-over bowl works!

  • Do origami. You can find good instructions here.

  • Do scratch art. Color all over white cardstock and paint it black. Let the paint dry, then with a needle or sharp object, scratch a drawing.

  • Use calligraphy or fancy lettering to make cards for friends and family.

  • Make maps of the neighborhood and city.

  • Learn to sew on a button or even something more complicated.

  • Dance off using a battery-powered CD player.

  • Make a book with stapled together paper, complete with illustrations.

  • Do “$1.00 jobs” around the house (ask to sweep & mop floors, clean all windows, dust all baseboards).

  • Make a blanket fort. Forget about the mess and let your kids have some fun.

  • Have an indoor relay race (Cotton balls on spoons, jumping with a ball or balloon between legs, etc.)

  • Play library. Kids take turns being “librarian” and reading to siblings.

  • Perform a skit or puppet show.

  • Play with play dough or kinetic sand. My children could play an hour or more with this stuff.

  • Make molds of seashells or other interesting items in the playdough.

  • Play with magazine paper dolls.

  • Act out favorite Bible stories, parables, or Aesop fables.

  • Write, shoot, and edit a mini-movie with your camera or phone.

Don’t forget to prep some fun into your hurricane preparedness. It’ll ease your children’s anxiety and give everyone a little diversion from the storm.



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